Schleich Dinosaurs Mosasaurus 15026

Schleich Dinosaurs Mosasaurus 15026

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Description / Schleich Dinosaurs Mosasaurus 15026

The Mosasaurus from Schleich DINOSAURS was a large aquatic reptile that lived in the ocean during the Late Cretaceous period. The movable jaw of the Mosasaurus from Schleich DINOSAURS contains many pointy teeth. When hunting prey such as fish or turtles, the dinosaur opened its mouth very wide and bit down powerfully. The shape of its teeth means that it probably didnt chew, and simply swallowed. As an adaptation to the habitat, its front and hind legs transformed into fins. It also had a fin on the end of its tail. Schleich figurines are modelled in the finest detail to help children learn while they play. This item is part of the DINOSAURS theme world and is suitable for children aged 4-10

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Package Height 32
Package Width 12
Package Depth 7
Product Brand Schleich
Supplier Code SC15026
Product Introduction Going out for this friend in the waters.
Product Features With its long powerful movable jaw that opened wide and pointy teeth, prey were never able to escape Mosasaurus.
A sea creature by nature, Mosasaurus makes for a diverse range of dinosaurs in your collection.
Measuring approx 32.5cm long and 7cm high.
Suitable for ages 4+
Product Whats in the box 1 Mosasaurus
Product Conclusion Did you know...From snout to the end of its tail fin, the Mosasaurus was probably 17-18 m long.
Product Barcode 4059433307596
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