Schleich Dinosaurs Air Attack 41468

Schleich Dinosaurs Air Attack 41468

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Description / Schleich Dinosaurs Air Attack 41468

The helicopter from Schleich DINOSAURS Attack from the Air is perfect for following and catching dinosaurs from the air. Dino researcher Luis specially developed a tranquilizer cannon to be attached to the helicopter. Luis takes to the air to take a round flight in his helicopter. But be careful! A large Tapejara isnt at all pleased to find the helicopter has entered its territory, and immediately takes chase. Luis skillfully uses the control stick to make a fast 180 degree turn. The Tapejara tries to swerve but Luis activates the tranquilizer dart and net perfectly. The dinosaur is caught and can be easily carried with the winch on the helicopter.

More Information

Package Height 24
Package Width 19
Package Depth 8
Product Brand Schleich
Supplier Code SC41468
Product Introduction Dino researcher Luis can attach his latest invention to the helicopter from Schleich DINOSAURS Attack From the Air. Its a tranquilizer cannon with integrated net!
Product Features The helicopter winch can also be used to easily and quickly transport items in a suitcase!
The Schleich figures are modelled in detail and stand for educational play.
The item belongs to the theme world Dinosaurs and is suitable for children aged 4-10 years.
Product Whats in the box Helicopter
Dinosaur Keeper
Product Conclusion Stay Calm!
Product Barcode 4059433375762
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