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  • Littlebits KORG Synth Kit Littlebits KORG Synth Kit
  • Littlebits KORG Synth Kit Littlebits KORG Synth Kit
  • Littlebits KORG Synth Kit Littlebits KORG Synth Kit
  • Littlebits KORG Synth Kit Littlebits KORG Synth Kit

Littlebits KORG Synth Kit

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How to become an overnight rockstar sensation.


Step 1: Buy the Littlebits synth kit. With speakers, micro sequencers and a keyboard plus many other gadgets, this kit is a perfect start for anyone attempting to learn about synthesizers.

Step 2: Build your very own vintage synth

Step 3: Rock on.


Using the genius magnetic circuitry that Littlebits has created, you can now build your very own simple synth band, as well as other projects like keytars, turntables and simple drum machines. This kit comes with a simple 1 octave keyboard with 13 keys, that can change between 4 different octaves, a micro sequencer, which has 4 knobs, 1 for each beat in a bar and a speed dial. This allows it to give you a baseline or a beat. The kit also comes with 2 oscillators, which can control the pitch of the keyboard or sequencer, a random module, which can output a random noise, which sounds like tv static, or a random voltage, which makes the oscillator output a random pitch, an envelope, which controls how long it takes for the note to reach it’s highest point, or fade away, a filter, which adjusts how clean the sound is and how high it can go, a delay, which can add echoes to you music and a mix which can join two different circuits together and mix them into each other. That’s all the music stuff, but the kit also comes with a speaker, a split wire(for splitting power or inputs to two circuits), a power module, and a 9v battery with a cable.


Littlebits have created an amazingly simple way of building circuits. You can magnetically connect the colour-coded modules together to create a working circuit. I believe this makes the kit phenomenally easy to use although I would still recommend reading the instruction booklet so you know what you are doing and which piece does what. They also have some very fun projects you could build in there.


I think this kit is a great introduction to synthesizers for anyone who wants to make synth music at home quickly and easily. with other littlebits pieces as well you can experiment and try to create something awesome and fun.


This kit says it’s for kids 14+ but I think kids as young as 10 would be happy to play around with this. I believe that anybody would be happy to play with this so it is definitely for boys and girls.


I liked it because it was simple and easy to build and the end results were excellent. The sounds you can make with this kit are amazing and you can play well known tunes on the keyboard. It is easy to clean up because it doesn’t come with too many bits and pieces that you could lose easily.

I would definitely recommend this to a friend. It is an amazing way to play music so I would recommend this to anyone who loves making music quickly and in a fun way.

Circuits in Seconds

For only $239.95 this is absolutely a great gift for anyone who loves making music or playing with electronics.


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