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  • Littlebits Base Kit Littlebits Base Kit
  • Littlebits Base Kit Littlebits Base Kit
  • Littlebits Base Kit Littlebits Base Kit
  • Littlebits Base Kit Littlebits Base Kit
  • Littlebits Base Kit Littlebits Base Kit

Littlebits Base Kit

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Electronics for Kids!

The Little Bits Base Kit is a great starter kit for future technology experts and creates an easy introduction to the world of electronics. This kit contains power, dimmer, bargraph, light sensor, button, DC motor, buzzer, bright LED and 2 wire modules that can all be connected simply with magnets on the sides. The kit also contains over 150,000 circuit combinations and instructions containing 8 easy to read projects for you to work towards. In a level of difficulty, this kit is rated 2 out of 10 but there is more difficult kits if you are looking for something more challenging.

This kit is targeted at kids aged 6+.

The kit is colour coded to make it easier for you, blue: power, pink: input/trigger, green: output/ the doer, orange: wire/lengthening your circuit. To make a circuit using this kit all you need to do is get a power, then chose a pink, and connect it to the power, then chose a green, and connect it to the pink. When you turn the power on, and press, or turn, or cover the pink, the green will turn on!

This product is excellently suited to the personalities of creativity, love of electronics, or just wanting to learn more about electronics. It is a great birthday, or christmas present and is going just that little bit further with a gift. I like the simplicity of this product and I already know so much more about electronics since I was introduced to this kit. This kit is great for both genders and is equally enjoyed by both female and male.

This product is only for inside as the metal will rust outside and the electronics will not work as well.

This kit is not messy at all, as it contains compartments inside the box for all modules, wires and cables.

There is no special clothes requirements as Little Bits is very safe and not dangerous in any way as long as no-one swallows anything. Somethings you can make using the kit are: a flashlight, a prank hand shake, an artbot etc

A brief Introduction to modules and other things included in this kit:


Power is what the circuit runs on, the energy. without power, there would be no energy in the kit and nothing would move, work or anything. This kit also includes a battery and cable to start you off.


A dimmer is a pink module that can change how much energy is going through the circuit. to increase the amount of power you turn to the right, and to decrease the amount of power going through turn to the left.


A bargraph shows the amount of voltage going through the circuit. The light travels along the module depending on the amount a power.

Light Sensor

The light sensor affects the output when it sees light. You can swap it around so that it when it sees darkness it will turn the output on too.


A button is probably the simplest input module. when you press the button it turns on the output device.

DC motor

When the input device is on, the DC motor turns either left or right, depending on which setting you set it to.

You can also attach LEGO to the DC motor.


The buzzer makes a beeping noise when attached to power. WARNING, this sound is really loud and so annoying.

Bright LED

The bright LED is a bright light that turns on when attached to power. It is very bright.


Wire is a way to make your circuit longer. It extends the length of the circuit and it often used it projects.

This kit contains 2 wires.

The little bits products have won many awards, including: Parents choice (gold award), Editors choice ( excellence in design 2013), Academies choice (Brain toy), Dr toy (10 best products), Dr toy (100 best products) and International design excellence awards 2013 (gold award).

This Product is recommended by Crayons simple technologies and creative arts enthusiast


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