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Sand Timer

Collections & Interests - Sand Timer

Sand Timer Collections are fun!  Looking for Clocks, Timers and Watches or Alarm Clocks?

There is something timeless about watching sand fall through an hourglass - no pun intended!

Whether it be 3 minute eggs, 3 minutes more in the bath, 5 minutes more before lights out or just for "time out" - Sand Timers help children comprehend and understand the passing of time.   Our range of Sand Timers and Hour Glasses are chosen to be sturdy and safe for young children or engaging, unusual and intriguing for older children.

The range may change depending on new designs and old favourites :-)

Crayons specialises in fun, creative educational toys, gifts, activities and technology for children in Australia.

Imagine Creative Learning :-)

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Items 1 to 2 of 2 total