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Welcome to the world of Meccano. A name unanimously celebrated as the ultimate metal based construction toy on the market. Meccano is a UK based brand that started in 1898! The range has matured a lot over the century and most exciting has been the announcement of STEM based programmable robots - the Meccanoid! A truly massive standing robot that once built, offers hours and hours of continual learning through programming and robotic motions.

Meccano also has a Junior product line (mainly plastic based) which is more applicable to those early engineers wanting to learn the motions of screwing pieces together with supplied tools and the use of wheels to make racing cars, trucks etc etc.

At Crayons, its been said many times, we love a great educational toy. Honestly, how can we not stock Meccano, Its been a staple in our youth, and we welcome the refreshing take on the product line, offering newer generations that same educational opportunity. Dont forget we offer free shipping, anywhere in Australia if your order is $100 or over. And our customer service is awesome, do try it!

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