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LEGO Creator

LEGO - LEGO Creator

LEGO Creator is Here! The LEGO Creator products are suitable for a variety of ages, it just depends on how complex the LEGO Creator kit is!

LEGO Creator allows for guided construction of simple fun things like The Super Racer (ages 6-12) through to The Sydney Opera House (ages 16+). Children learn a lot from these kits, including how to follow instructions and the reason why certain steps must occur before others. There is no sense starting with the roof or the wheels; for example stages A and B must come before C. For some children this basic of construction and engineering can be a revelation!

The LEGO Creator range provides consistent and guaranteed structural results which can be of value for children who maybe growing dissatisfied with their own constructions. Like old fashioned hobby kits, LEGO Creator kits provide the satisfaction of having built something substantial that has purpose and can be displayed on a shelf or desk with a sense of achievement. Until it is rebuilt or reimagined!

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Items 1 to 12 of 12 total