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Imagine Creative Learning

  • Today at Crayons

    Today as we begin to enjoy the quiet post Christmas pleasures of Boxing Day and start to think about making the most of our summer holidays, we are enjoying the songs of Charles Trenet - especially his performance of La Mer, delightfully used as the soundtrack for   This entry was posted in Crayons, Uncategorized on December 25, 2014 by jono.

  • Happy Summer Holidays!

    Today as we begin to enjoy the quiet post Christmas pleasures of Boxing Day and start to think about making the most of our summer holidays, we are enjoying the songs of Charles Trenet - especially his performance of La Mer, delightfully used as the soundtrack for  Mr Bean"s Holiday at .... La Mer  :-)

    Happy Holidays and here's to a very Happy 2015!

  • Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas Wishes from all of us at Crayons!   Wishing everyone a peaceful and happy Day.   Our joyous Christmas Day Carol is from Sting singing I Saw Three Ships :-)

    Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy 2015!

  • Santa Claus Is Coming To Town!

    Tonight's the night!   Santa Claus Is Coming To Town!   We couldn't decide our favourite so we have two - one is an upbeat children's version with lyrics and the other is a slower lullabyish version sung by Johnny Mathis.  

    Also we have the Secret Science Behind Santa Claus for curious junior boffins who'd like to know how Santa does it or any young ones doubting the Man in Red's ability to power his sleigh to every home all the way around the world :-)  

     Merry Christmas!

  • Get Merry With An A Cappella Christmas Song!

    Today at Crayons we are enjoying some cool yule with some 'a cappella' Carrolling by Pentatonix.     Their performance of Little Drummer Boy, without musical instruments, is a festive season treat for the ears.

    Trying out some a cappella with the children can be lots of fun and helps shyer children to find their voice while others sing with them.   An easy Christmas Carol to start with is Christmas is Coming which is sung in the fashion of a Round - the Muppets do a fine job :-)

  • Merry Christmas, Lego Farmer And George The Farmer!

    Today at Crayons we wish a Merry Christmas to farmers everywhere and especially to the delightful digital stars Lego Farmer and George The Farmer.   Our passion at Crayons is utilising creativity and imagination to help children to learn and discover more about this wonder full world around us, and both Lego Farmer and George are helping children to learn about life on the land and the farms that bring food to our Christmas tables.   



    Congratulations to the power house ladies behind these delightful and inspirational efforts.

    Merry Christmas Farmers everywhere!

    P.s Crayons has a Farm Animals Collection full of toys, activities and farm related fun for children of all ages as well as a huge Lego Collection :-)

  • Sunday Fun - Christmas Stars!

    Today at Crayons our Sunday Fun is making Christmas Stars - dot to dot and scientifically!

    Young children may enjoy doing a variety of Christmas dot to dot activities or making pin wheel stars as a decoration for Christmas trees, doors and pretty much anywhere blue tack will hold.



    Older children may like to explore some Surfing Scientist science by making bent toothpicks form into a star by simply adding a few drops of water (some Christmas Day 'magic' they may like to practice beforehand!).



     To help children discover more about the real stars shining in the night skies over Christmas and New Years, why not check out EarthSky :-) ; and it is not too late to pick up some mini Glow in the Dark Stars from our store in Lane Cove!

    P.s Happy Solstice everyone! 




  • I Want An Alien For Christmas!

    Today at Crayons we're dancing around to the fun Christmas song I Want An Alien For Christmas by the Fountains of Wayne.   This is a happy little song that is great fun for bopping along :-)

    Merry Christmas to all the young astronomers, astronauts and intergalactic explorers!

  • Merry Christmas, Makers!

    Today at Crayons we wish a Merry Christmas to all the creative, craft loving makers who use their unique talents to bring beauty to the world!   Practical, functional, whimsical but always individually beautiful, whatever is made reflects the level of skill and ability of the Maker, as well as their passions and interests.    Whether it is a black and white photograph, a crocheted bag, a random collage of leaves and sticks, a cute creature made from Maker Dough, Makers always create something that has never existed before.

    Crayons has the Creation Collection - chockers with kits, activities and inspiration to help children to discover their inner Maker and this Christmas every order over $50, online or in store receives a free set of 6 Maker Dough tubs.

    Merry Christmas, Makers everywhere!

  • Merry Christmas, Imagineers!

    Today at Crayons we are wishing a very Merry Christmas to all the Imagineers out there!    Imagineers are folk who not only imagine extraordinary things - they are also able to create and engineer them, often making discoveries as they go.   One of our first Collections was the Imagine Collection, full of things to inspire young creative imagineers.  Imagineers may also enjoy something from the Engineering Collection.

    Our favourite Imagineers this week are the team from Western Australia who have designed a system to allow Astronauts to make "breathable air" on Mars.   This project, designed by students headed up by Josh Richards, is the only entry from the Southern Hemisphere to reach the finals of an International Competition.

    Using the water on Mars, electricity from solar panels, physics and some imagineered ingenuity, breathable air will be 'on tap' for the first Astronauts to reach the Red Planet.   Wow!

    Congrats to all involved and Merry Christmas, Imagineers everywhere!

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