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Age Primary (8-10 Years), Tween (10-12 Years), Teen (12-15 Years), Young Adult (15-18 Years), Adult (18+ Years)
Barcode 798304062885
Weight 0.0000
Height 14
Length 10
Width 4
Designed China


This is a great game, quick paced and suited for the whole family

  • Cards have a symbol and a Category, example "Famous Scientists"
  • Flip a card over..
  • If the symbol on your card matches another players card, quickly yell out an example of the category on their card. They will do the same
  • The first to get a correct example keeps both cards

Anomia: [uh-NO-mee-uh] - Noun - 1) A problem with word finding or recall. 2) Chaos. 3) The game where common knowledge becomes uncommonly fun! Anomia plays off the fact that our minds are positively brimming with all sorts of random information; things to eat, pop songs, websites, etc. Sure, under normal circumstances, it's easy enough to give an example of a frozen food, or a dog breed; but you will find that your brain works a little differently under pressure! The directions are simple. Draw a card from the center pile and flip it over. Does the symbol on your card match one on another player's card? If so, you must quickly face-off with the other player by giving an example of the person, place, or thing on their card before they can do the same for yours. If you blurt a correct answer out first, you win their card and drawing continues. Sounds simple, right? Wrong. Wild cards allow unlike symbols to match, increasing the number of things you must pay attention to. Cascading face-offs can occur when you hand over a lost card revealing a new top card on your play pile. All this adds up to a high-energy, hilarious play experience where everyone is involved at all times. Easy to learn, fun to play over and over again, Anomia will have any group of friends, family, even perfect strangers, shouting and laughing out loud as they try to beat each other to the punch! Players: 3-6 players, Ages 10 and up. Goal: To win the most cards by facing-off with other players. Cards: 2 decks. Each deck has 92 unique playing cards and 8 Wild Cards. Duration: One round lasts about 30 minutes. Two rounds are suggested. Vibe: It can be your turn at any time and anyone can be your opponent.

Whats in the box

  • 92 unique playing cards and 8 Wild Cards

Learning Outcomes

  • Creative & Critical Thinking
  • Literacy

One round lasts around 30 minutes ... fire away


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