About Us

Imagine Creative Learning


Can you? We can. We imagine creative learning has endless possibilities for children of all ages and abilities. Every child has the ability to imagine and create extraordinary things and through this process they learn and gain confidence.


Crayons is an Australian owned family business born out of the frustration of an evidently limited range of fun educational activities, gifts, toys and technologies suitable for babies, toddlers, children and early teens. At Crayons we have qualifications in education and technology and we are particularly inspired by Sir Ken Robinson, an English author and children’s education and creativity expert, who firmly believes that we need to teach children to create, allow them to make mistakes and think more broadly about the world we live in. At Crayons we are especially passionate about helping children to learn that their imaginations and creativity are limitless.

A way to inspire young curious minds is with “non-toxic Brain Food” - that is activities, games, toys and technology which encourage children to think outside the square and achieve greater creative, learning and individual outcomes. At Crayons we have attempted to have something for babies, toddlers, children and teens in our product range which will help them to play, discover, imagine, create and learn no matter what their abilities or interests. 


Through specialising in child friendly technologies we also quickly realised the importance of simple tuition for children in how to use arts, crafts and educational technologies. Assistance to adults regarding any of the foregoing technologies is only ever an enquiry away.


So, to this end our website is packed with wonderful things that have been carefully selected especially for children, with an eye to price, usefulness, durability and long life. We not only respect the importance of education but are also mindful of our environmental and global obligations. Our online store is a treasure trove of many wonderful products.

Do you ever imagine what it will be like in 2034? We love to imagine where creative learning activities utilising arts, crafts, construction sets, science and educational technologies will take this generation of children - and the next :-)