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Merry Christmas, Makers!

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Today at Crayons we wish a Merry Christmas to all the creative, craft loving makers who use their unique talents to bring beauty to the world!   Practical, functional, whimsical but always individually beautiful, whatever is made reflects the level of skill and ability of the Maker, as well as their passions and interests.    Whether it is a black and white photograph, a crocheted bag, a random collage of leaves and sticks, a cute creature made from Maker Dough, Makers always create something that has never existed before.

Crayons has the Creation Collection - chockers with kits, activities and inspiration to help children to discover their inner Maker and this Christmas every order over $50, online or in store receives a free set of 6 Maker Dough tubs.

Merry Christmas, Makers everywhere!

Merry Christmas, Imagineers!

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Today at Crayons we are wishing a very Merry Christmas to all the Imagineers out there!    Imagineers are folk who not only imagine extraordinary things - they are also able to create and engineer them, often making discoveries as they go.   One of our first Collections was the Imagine Collection, full of things to inspire young creative imagineers.  Imagineers may also enjoy something from the Engineering Collection.

Our favourite Imagineers this week are the team from Western Australia who have designed a system to allow Astronauts to make "breathable air" on Mars.   This project, designed by students headed up by Josh Richards, is the only entry from the Southern Hemisphere to reach the finals of an International Competition.

Using the water on Mars, electricity from solar panels, physics and some imagineered ingenuity, breathable air will be 'on tap' for the first Astronauts to reach the Red Planet.   Wow!

Congrats to all involved and Merry Christmas, Imagineers everywhere!

Christmas In Japan!

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Today at Crayons we are travelling to Japan to discover how Christmas is celebrated there.    The main religions of Japan are Buddhism and Shinto however, over the years, some traditions of Christmas have been adopted such as Christmas Trees, outdoor decorative lights and the festivities revolve around Christmas Eve, rather than Christmas Day.. 

Only children receive gifts on Christmas Eve, however once they are too old to believe in Santa, the gifts cease!

At Crayons we are especially proud to carry the beautiful range of Kimochis emotion dolls.   These exquisite soft toys are named and have background stories that reveal their emotions and how they are learning to manage them, thus helping children to learn about their own emotions.

How to write Merry Christmas in Japanese?   " メリークリスマス "

To say it?   "Merry Christmas!"



Long term readers of the Crayons Blog will know we have an affection for Godzilla, or Gojira, the fictional Japanese beast from the deep.   Love his Christmas fairy lights :-)

Merry Christmas, Adventurers!

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Today at Crayons we are sending Merry Christmas Greetings to all the adventurers out there!   Explorers, archeologists, palaeontologists and those who just like to imagine going where no one has been before, young and old, Merry Christmas!

Some of the most famous adventurers discovered their particular interests early in life and thereafter were encouraged to follow their noses to make amazing discoveries in out of the way places.    These discoveries in turn help us to understand the history of this wonderful world :-)

So often such adventurers only find skeletons and ruins, but sometimes they have the privilege and joy of seeing their discovery restored or at least put back together.   This week in Egypt, in the temple city of Luxor a statue of Pharaoh Amenhotep III has been restored after it was destroyed by earthquake more than 3,000 years ago.


Merry Christmas, Adventurers everywhere!

P.s At Crayons, one of our first collections was the Adventure Collection - always chockers with cool things to inspire young explorers!

Sunday Fun - Christmas Decorations

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Today at Crayons our Sunday Fun is crafty and we're making Christmas Decorations from shell pasta.    A little red, green and gold paint, or white or purple - or sparkles - whatever is to hand :-) and some cotton thread, some creativity and hey Presto - pretty hand decorated decorations for the tree or to decorate a table on Christmas Day.


Easy to do and pretty and best of all the decorations will definitely be unique!    

If only long spaghetti pasta is to hand, why not make Christmas Pick Up Sticks?   Long spaghetti pasta can be carefully painted with dots or plain colours and stood on end to dry.    When finished they can be bundled and tied with Christmas string or ribbon and even given as a gift for a fun game after lunch on Christmas Day - when everyone else is snoozing :-)

Creativity is original and individual and can make a difference at this time of year, inspiring great hand made gifts, decorations and cooking.   Happy creativity can add to the whimsy, joy and delight of every Christmas!

P.s Crayons has a fun Creative Collection full of kits and activities especially designed to inspire a child's creative skills and encourage them to think outside the square :-)

Merry Christmas, ExperiMentals!

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Today at Crayons we are happy to find the ExperiMentals online just in time for some fun school holiday science.    In 2004 the ABC asked the question of what would a contemporary version of Why Is It So? look like and the answer was the experiMentals!

Quirky and full of fun stuff like "Career Advice For Magicians", the experiMentals did science experiments with everyday household stuff that could easily and safely be repeated in backyards everywhere.



At Crayons we have a Science Experiment Collection full of fun activities and experiments to do - check it out!

And Merry Christmas, experiMentals everywhere!

Christmas In The Sky!

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Today at Crayons we have discovered some fun facts about flying and thought it relevant given that many families may soon be taking to the skies to reach their holiday destinations.   Put together by the Science Team at the ABC, the article details 9 things to know about flying and these happily coincide with questions often asked by young flyers after take off or while looking at aircraft through airport departure lounge windows.

Aircraft cabin pressurisation, why food tastes different and the fact that aircrew and passengers are 10% of the way to being Astronauts are just some of the fun physics things to know about flight.    Young aviation engineers  may also be interested in the logic behind some of the engineering features of modern jets.

Besides, depending on the aircraft's height, on a clear day you'll be able to see for 375k :-)

There are lots of different aircraft at airports and some of the largest are the cargo planes carrying Christmas gifts and mail.  On behalf of Santa of course.



Crayons has a great Aircraft and Aeronautics Collection for children ready to take flight in their imaginations and for real!

Christmas Tree Coral

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Today at Crayons we are captivated by the beauty of Christmas Tree Coral.   This unique coral, found on coral reefs of course, is extraordinary because it can effectively disappear by shrinking back in on itself to hide when it senses a change in its surroundings.   It is therefore notoriously difficult to find! 



We rather like the idea of reef fish swimming around Christmas Tree coral this time of year :-)

P.s For fun fish and coral reef themed activities and toys for children, check out our Seaside Collection!

Christmas In Switzerland!

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Today at Crayons we have been imagining walking under the enchanting and peaceful lights of a Christmas in Switzerland!   Between the festive fairy lights and the tinkling of a variety of bells, from small to large cow bells, we think Christmas in Switzerland must border on magical :-)



Christmas traditions in Switzerland are similar to many other countries with lantern parades, concerts and carolling however one difference is .... hot chocolate!    After the outdoors festivities, when families and friends have returned home, hot chocolate is served along with wonderfully fresh homemade donuts, known as ringli.    

At Crayons we are proud to carry the wonderful range of GEOMAG magnetic construction kits from Switzerland.    Each excellent kit contains magnetised rods and balls that allow for lateral thinking and clever construction by young engineers and master builders.    Such fun could only be enhanced by hot chocolate.   What a great idea!


This too cute image, from The Huffington Post, is inspirational!

Christmas In Brazil!

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Today at Crayons we've been researching Christmas in Brazil!   Brazil has some unique traditions, Santa Claus is called Papai Noel or Bom Velhino (Good Old Man) and if children leave a sock near their window Papai Noel will exchange it for a gift.    Can't help thinking that must be a brilliant use for odd socks!

There are celebratory fireworks after midnight on Christmas Eve and, as in other countries, Brazilan Christmas festivities include a secret Santa.   Known as amigo secreto, which means secret friend, the identity of the gift giver is disguised by a pretend name and not revealed until Christmas Day.

At Crayons we are delighted to offer the wonderful Putumayo World Music Collection featuring Brazilian Playground and Latin Playground plus a Latin America colouring in book full of fun images to colour in.   

And Merry Christmas in Brazil?   Feliz natal!

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